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About us

We all want our little monkeys to look good no matter the occasion. At My Little Monkey, our mission is to provide you with the sustainable, minimalist clothing your child needs to feel as comfortable, stylish, and happy as possible. We accomplish this through fashion-forward designs and a commitment to quality unlike any other child’s clothing store online.


Minimalism at the Heart of Every Piece 

Why make things more complicated than they need to be? It’s no secret that kids of very young ages aren’t exactly reading the latest fashion blogs. Instead, what they wear is an extension of what you, the parent, feels makes them look their best. At all levels of fashion and design, minimalism has proven to be among the most timeless design choices and at My Little Monkey, we embrace the simplistic nature of our clothes.


My Little Monkey apparel is made to be as simple and care-free as possible. We create designs based on utility first and foremost, because if your child has ever worn something that wasn’t comfortable, chances are they’ve let you know. My Little Monkey clothes are based on legacy designs that will never go out of style. From bibs to bodysuits, swimsuits, and more, we have all of your little monkey’s clothing needs covered with simple, classic designs that are up and ready for any occasion.


Made with Sustainability In Mind

Kids grow up incredibly fast, and it can seem like they outgrow their clothes in the blink of an eye. Because of this, the child’s clothing industry is almost disposable in many ways, yet many producers use fabrics and production methods that only accelerate the growing waste problem.


Not us.


We operate with sustainability in mind. From the fabrics that we use in our clothing to how we order and store our inventory, we work to limit waste as much as possible. My Little Monkey clothing is made using sustainably-sourced materials and we never order more than we need. So, rather than having a warehouse full of unsold product to eventually be liquidated, we instead keep only what our customers order on-hand. The result is a lasting production process that keeps the environment in mind.


From the Capital of Clothing in the World

While there are countless places around the world that specialise in textiles and clothing manufacturing, we choose to have ours made in South Korea for a few reasons. Most notably, South Korea is a manufacturing hub known for precision. When compared to our competitors, you can feel the quality and pride that goes into every stitch in a My Little Monkey piece. In addition, South Korea has very strict environmental and labor laws, which helps us keep to our core mission of creating conscious clothing you can feel good about purchasing.


Shop Our Entire Selection

Launched in December 2019, we are a young company but are already set to expand our lineup. Shop our entire selection and dress your little monkey in the best sustainable, minimalist clothing available.